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Friday, June 15, 2007

If you are serious about Blogging start with Wordpress

If I had my time again I would definitely have started out with Wordpress as the platform, I have a couple of other Blogs that are Wordpress and I really recommend it. The problem for me now is with over 300 posts on this site and so many links etc everywhere it becomes extremely difficult to move.

I was watching a video by Yaro today who did a Blog Case study on a Blogspot Blog and that was about the first thing he said. You might like the video especially if you are just embarking on your Blogging career. (its probably more aimed at beginners this video, but still full of good tips ).

Hosting is so cheap these days and wordpress is free with some great themes and plugins. Theres really no excuse, unless you are not sure that you will stick at it for long and are just testing the water.

Also I am now selling post level text link packages for $10 US dollars each. You may want to try this on your own blog as a way to extract a little more out of every post. Basically for 10 US dollars you get 4 links with the anchor text(s) of your choice. (the links will be spread over 4 posts and will be at the bottom of the post) . If you like you can check out our advertising page for more info.

Happy Blogging


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