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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Secret of Making yourself Contactable - But not getting Spammed!

If you are interested in monetizing your website it helps to have an advertising or contact page. This page should briefly state what what type of advertising you are willing to have on your site and should include your contact email address.

Make sure however that you don't write your email address in its normal format eg. because if you do there are all kinds of robots and spiders out there in cyberspace that spend their time crawling through web pages trying to find email address's. Once they have yours you will be destined to a lifetime of sifting through spam.

Recommended format : jon at hotmail dot com

Or alternatively some sites have an image of their email address, which isn't click-able so the visitor will just need to type it in. Images are also pretty safe from the spam bots.

Some sites have a contact form and this is OK, however unless it has some kind of email verification of image number protection they can also get hit by robots. You will know that this has happened when you check your email and find 900 new emails all from the same dodgy set of sites!

The danger if you do not have an easy way of advertisers getting hold of you is that they will simply find its to hard and move on to other sites. Don't let that happen to your website.

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Trix said...

Hello, thank you so very much for the comment you left at my blog!! Heaven knows I need the encouragement.I've been reading your posts here, you seem to have quite a great way of expressing yourself, keep it up!! And yes, I know....only 20 usd per day equals a lot of money! Sadly, I am a long way from that.thanks again and have a really great day

Anonymous said...

No probs Jesse, and thanks. Don't worry once your blog has been around for a while $20 won't be to hard to achieve in a day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, haven't seen you for a while! Just caught your post on email addy harvesting - nasty stuff. I find the following tool quite good for generating a little email address graphic:
Nice to see you're still on track.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom I had actually wondered where you got those little graphics from - thanks for sharing and hope all is well with you.


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