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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top Secret Project Underway - Working the Niche

I have been very busy for the last couple of days setting up the site for my top secret "niche". I was very pleased with the domain name that I managed to get and couldn't believe that it wasn't already taken. My niche site focus's on one particular area of monetizing sites and I am attempting to utilize all the skills and knowledge gained from running this blog in the set up of my new site.

Wordpress of course is the blog platform and for the forum I have used Simple Machines I am very pleased with it so far, the set up was painless and I find it much more professional looking than phpbb which I have used in the past. I was considering vbulletin however they charge for that and I couldn't really see what they offered that the simple machines free forum software wouldn't do for me.

I am not trying to overly monetize it at the beginning, will try and build it up as a resource first and foremost, but will probably run a couple of related affiliate promotions on there as a starting point.

Also I have spent some time listening to some of the great audio on the Blog Mastermind course that I am doing. Its certainly opening my eyes in in areas that I hadn't even considered - its helping to provide excellent tips to improve many areas of my blogging including for example the information overload that comes with Internet marketing - as well as many other things.

On one of my sites I am currently negotiating $100 US (monthly) worth of text links, if this all goes ahead I will be sure to share the details of the company I have done this through, this is the kind of passive income I am really keen to increase.

Other companies have been contacting me through my advertising page and enquiring about different forms of advertising on this site, so things are ticking along nicely. Time is as always an issue however.

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stratz said...

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