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Monday, July 09, 2007

10 Ways to Optimize your Sponsored Posts - Paid to Post Tips

Although it may not be the most "glamorous" way of making money online the facts are that for myself anyway Sponsored Posts are a large part of my online earnings. I have been writing them now for probably 8 or 9 months and have picked up a few things in this time - that could well be helpful to other Bloggers.

1./ Have multiple blogs
You don't have to write sponsored posts on all your blogs, its nice to have a flagship Blog that you don't write any sponsored content on at all. For me that Blog is Text Link Buzz! Its a good idea to have blogs that you do and blogs that you don't.

I have two Blogs that I do write sponsored posts on, this one and Sir Blogger. Most of them on Sir Blogger mainly because of the next tip.

2./ Have your own domain name
You get a lot more offers if you have your own domain name, a lot of advertisers are put off by a Blogspot or other type of Blog where the Blogger doesn't actually own it. They specifically request sites with their own domain names, so by having one of these you will get more and better paying opportunities.

Consider registering a relevant expired domain as these can already be receiving traffic, and have valuable backlinks and page rank.

3./ Have Posts ready to go straight after sponsored posts
I always like to release my own content immediately after writing a sponsored post, that means when visitors come to your site they are greeted with your unique content at the top of the page, not a sponsored post.

4./ Use a variety of sponsored post sites
You don't have to just stick with one paid posting provider, there are loads out there. You can check out my definitive list if you likeMake Money Fast from our Definitive List of Paid Post Sites if you work your way through them all, you will have a wide range of sponsored posts that you can choose to do at any one time.

5./ Word Count plugin for FireFox
Several of the sponsored post sites have a word count requirement for writing articles, e.g it may be 50 words (good), 100 words (bearable) or even 300 words (damn - not for 5 dollars we hope!). In my early days of paid posting I used to copy and paste my text out of my browser into MS Word and use Word to do a word count. Now however I have smartened up a bit and save time by using the firefox plugin called Text Area Count Words.

6./ Split Browser Plugin for FireFox
This is something I have only started using in recent times, the Split Browser Plugin means that with a click of the mouse you can split your browser windows, so for example you can have your article in a bottom or side pane, and the paid post requirements in the top pane, meaning less clicking between different windows. Visit here to download the plugin.

7./ Set a minimum value / word amount
With the wide range of opportunities that are now available, you may want to set a minimum value on the amount that you are willing to do a sponsored post for. An example of this you may decide that you are not willing to write 300 words for 5 dollars, however are happy to write 50 words for this fee.

8./ Write paragraph headings
Its hard to know where to start sometimes when writing a sponsored post, something I occasionally do when struggling to get into a sponsored post is write two or three paragraph starters. Once this is done its just a matter of expanding on these to make up the content and before you know it the article is done.

9./ Reserve posts
Most PPP companies let you reserve posts, PayU2Blog for instance normally dish you out a bunch of posts on a friday and you have all week to write them. PayPerPost give you 6 hours to write the post, once you have clicked on Take Opportunity. Smortys give you a couple of days, Blogsvertise also give you a few days. By using this to your advantage you can take opportunities when they come up, but also reserve other opportunities to do at other times when pickings may be a little lean.

10./ Work before play
Do your work before you start surfing and playing around. It is harder enough to not got distracted in the cyberworld, I suggest you set yourself some targets to achive before you start having fun - otherwise you will be struggling to make money fast online.

Its not the most enjoyable job in the world, but its not the worst one either - so enjoy learning about new sites and products and make some money at the same time. Remember you only need to make 20 dollars a day to make $600 dollars in a month. Wouldn't that be a nice bit of pocket money?

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