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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bermuda Triangle of Bloggers

There are a couple of blogs that I used to read that abruptly stopped, none stranger than the first one on my list fellow New Zealander Shirlene....she used to write fairly regularly and call by and comment etc, then she just disappeared, never to be seen again. If you ever read this Shirlene drop us a note and let us all know how you are doing.

Then there's Martin, fellow money maker and one of the first Blogs I used to read, Mike, Martin and I all started around the same time , dipping our toes in the water and trying to make our first few dollars.

If you are ever sick and tired of your blog, why don't you try and sell or it at least place a last article on it to say your goodbyes. I notice Martin still has 33 feedburner subscribers, not a bad effort for someone that has not posted an article for 5 months.

Do you know of any Bermuda Triangle type Blog disappearances that we could add to this list? Do you have any information on these missing Bloggers?

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Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of fellow blogger come and go, in my experience most seem to just give up, on the other hand I've seen some move on to better things, they start out blogging and get to a point where it's a little to restrictive for them, they develop other online projects and move forward with them, leaving there blog behind.

For me I find blogging great for learning ways to make contacts, testing out all the ways there are to make money and how to provide something of service.

At this point in time I think I have PPC down to a T and I know what I have to do to improve it, but I know nothing about affiliate marketing and right now I get the same feelings as when I first started with adsense, pretty exciting. So that's my next goal in blogging to make my first dollar using amazon or some other service.

I think I left a comment or your blog about tripling my traffic to MPL, it has improved, but I haven't tripled it, I know what I have to do, it's just a matter of creating good content, with some keyword research. Just lacking some motivation at the mo.

Cash Quests said...

Martin's was the first blog I ever saw about making money online and inspired everything that has happened since. I'd go with filling the last post with affiliate links and then just waiting for the money to arrive!

Luke Michaels said...

It is odd to simply drift away without saying 'goodbye'.

I guess there could be a reason though - if they wrote a last goodbye post people wouldn't return to their blog. Perhaps they still hope to make a few dollars, or reach a payout amount on a specific affiliate program.

I still get a referral from Martin's Quest now and again.

Another odd thing: there's also a well known blog that I can't access!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

clip: Thats probably one of the longest comments I have had to date - its almost a post lol. Sometimes setting a goal to high can give your motivation a hit if you see it slipping out of grasp. Maybe try and double over a few months or something, rather than triple in what I think was a month? Thats a big ask alright for anyone.

Kumiko: I bet you would fill your last post with as many affiliate links as you could! I would not expect any less.

Mike: yes I think Martins site still gets a bit of traffic, it will probably still be there earning him a few bucks in adsense for many years to come!

Deleted said...

I have also been wondering about Martin and Shirlene. Like Kumiko, Martin's blog was the first I came across about making money online. I'm pretty sure I found your site through his. Hopefully they will make a reappearance someday.