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Friday, July 20, 2007

Can we make $600 this Month?

Last month I suggested that given the earnings from the previous month, the coffers at the Million Dollar Experiment should be fuller by around $600 in July.

Once I have reached this goal, the elusive 1000 dollars in a month starts to look a bit more achievable doesn't it? However I think I will need to take my time and slowly work my way up to this over the next couple of months.

Lets have a look and see how things are going, below is the graph of the Month to date situation of the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under.

We have 10 days left and have just clocked over the 400 dollar mark, every sign is indicating that yes we will manage the 600 dollar barrier this month.

One highlight for me in the last couple of weeks has been the performance of one of my sites - our Curry Recipe website. The site was given a SEO makeover several months ago, however the effects of this have only really just kicked in. The last thirty days show a 163% improvement on the thirty day period before and that is because of a 890% increase of Google search traffic!

Another significant milestone has been the purchase of an existing website along with fellow blogger Greg "Stratz" thats been an interesting time, especially the part when we received a 1.4 gig zipped up file of a web site - ... and then having to make it work!

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Rachel said...

Well done on making your target - I am very close to earning my first £1000 since starting earning online in February. I have a target of £500 this month but have only made £300 so far.

Anonymous said...

thats a fantastic amount rachel, good on you!