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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fast Money from Selling Webhosting

Recently I joined up as a Hostgator reseller. This means that for 24-95 a month not only can I host my own sites, I get all the tools to off sell any of the space that I can spare from the 125 gig traffic a month and 12 GB of disk space plan.

This means that if you want hosting for your site, I can hook you up with 1 GB of traffic and 500MB of disk space for $5 a month (PHP, MySQL included) . What it also means is that if you have your sites hosted somewhere, you can do this and not only pay for your own hosting - its a great way to earn ongoing passive income.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller like me you can sign up for hostgator here. It probably helps if you know a bit about DNS, hosting and PHP/MySQL so you can help your customers however if you have set up a few sites, you should be knowledgable enough.

If you want to learn more about our Starter Hosting Package - ideal for those wanting to move off Blogspot to Wordpress check out the thread at mmmtalk. By the way we also help you set up for no extra charge if you need a bit of assistance.

Sometimes its a bit scary going to wordpress, however with our help you can soon have your own wordpress blog fully hosted with CPANEL access for only 5 dollars a month. The kind of help I am talking about is even to the extent of getting it all installed for you - all you need to do is communicate with me and figure out what domain name you want. (Domain name needs to be purchased first by you - we then set up your hosting, install wordpress, point your domain to the hosting and your away!)

Any questions ask away - I would also be interested as to whether or not you think this is a good deal for hosting.

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