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Monday, July 30, 2007

Featured Post - Save Money Fast With ePerks

If you are interested in Gigantic Perks (and who wouldn't be) then you should check out the ePERKS.com website.

From a consumers point of view the site is a great idea because by utilizing the site to find your providers you can get perks that you wouldn't normally get. For example I looked up Real Estate Broker and the perks that he was offering included a free removal van (within a certain area) cash back as well as free home warranty coverage for sellers.

From a business perspective there is always the opportunity to pick up extra business that you may not have got if you were not offering your services ( and perks ) on the site. Also if a business wants to purchase one of the exclusive packages offered on the site they can secure themselves a geographical area.

ePERKS is similar to eBay in some respects, they have partnerships with some big names on the internet to enable customers to search for the best available deal for services.