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Monday, July 30, 2007

Featured Post - TriClear

There is nothing worse than acne especially when you are a teenager. Acne of course can affect all ages and at last there is an effective acne treatment that you can buy online.

TriClear is a triple action product that approaches treatment via the following three methods.

1 - Purifying Cleanser
Firstly you apply the cleanser which helps to clear out your pours, lifts out dirt, oil and other causes of Acne.

2 - Repair Gel
The repair Gel assists the repair and regrowth of the damaged skin, not only does it treat the existing acne - it also helps to prevent future acne.

3- Revitalizing Cream

The revitalizing cream replaces moisture in the skin, contains salicylic acid which helps cut down on oil production and also includes other nutrients that will help to fight agains future acne breakouts

In studies done 76% of the people using the product saw significant improvements within 7 days.