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Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to double your RSS subscribers overnight

You may have seen a few articles floating around a while ago that Google purchased Feedburner. One of the things that they did was incorporate the feedburner ability to track blogger rss feeds.

By going into your settings and replacing the default feed you will likely experience a nice boost in the numbers that feedburner is reporting on for your subscribers.

Here is a snippet from the feedburner Blog - I suggest you follow it, I found almost immediate results.

If you host your content on a Blogger blog with a address (or use Blogger's “custom domain” feature), you can now redirect your native Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed (quite easily, might we add)........ Starting right now, you just log into your Blogger account, select Settings | Site Feed, enter your FeedBurner feed address and click "Save Settings."...

Let me know if it had a nice result for your site.

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Clip said...

Just had a few staff drinks on a sunday, free booze from the boss. Anyway, you've probably seen my main blog MPL, what do you think of it? Mostly passive income, nice traffic, traffics been down the last week or so, just wondering what could I do to make more money from it? Do you think it would suit PPP well? They're pretty small posts and they seem to fit you're blogs well, not distracting at all. Just need some advice coz I want to be making enough coz this part timer I have isn't gona pan out.

rob stgeorge said...

Hi Clip, most of my PPP sponsored posts I do on my site. Most of the ones you see on here are from payu2blog, easy 60 word posts, sometimes I also pick up a few private posts from the DP forums.

PPP is not that fond of blogspot blogs, so you would be best to start thinking about getting your own domain sorted - then you will need to update it for 90 days before they will accept you - btw you can get a domain from godaddy for $7.15 (1 year) at the moment, let me know if you want the coupon code, also can hook you up with a wordpress blog hosted on your new domain for $5 a month.

send me an email if you want, the contact address is on my advertising page