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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Its The "Bit Extra" That Counts A Lot

Have you ever been out for a meal and the staff at the restaurant did a bit more than what was necessary? What about walking into a shop and the shop assistant not only does their job but you leave feeling a little bit special because the service they gave you was exceptional and they expected nothing in return - well the same can be applied to a blog let me explain.

Link out to other sites expecting nothing back - there is nothing like the buzz of seeing another site point to yours and say "heres a great article, I enjoyed it why don't you check it out" , a site leaving a comment saying "I will link to you if you link to me" just doesn't quite leave the same warm glow inside does it?

Reply to and communicate with the visitors that are kind enough to comment on your site - I worked in retail for many years and the fact is that without customers you don't have a shop, or in this case a Blog. Imagine if you never had anyone visit your site - would you bother writing articles for it - probably not.

Visit the sites of the people that have taken the trouble to visit yours - most of your visitors probably have a site of their own, likely even related to your site. The least you can do is see who is taking the time to visit yours and return the favour.

Often there is only a tiny difference between a winner and a loser, however one goes on to be successful and the other has to live with being a runner up....

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Unknown said...

Great article and I am in complete agreement, a little kindness can go a long long way and I find myself combing the blog world and finding good articles to link back to as well as doing a little bit of linky love with nothing expected in return.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling by breezie, glad you enjoyed the article!