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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking for some Million Dollar Link Love?

Here at the Million Dollar Experiment we have a variety of links for sale on different sites.... (shhhhh.... dont tell G!)

Without mentioning the names of the sites here they are, for more info on any of them please contact me.

Linksales are becoming a big part of my online earnings, its certainly an area that I am hoping to grow going forwards.

If you want a package detail, or a bunch of links let me know and we can work something out as well.

Text Links 4 Sale

  • PR4 Sitewide links on blogspot blog, 380 pages and 177,000 Alexa ranking a few left at $10 per month
  • PR3 Arcade Games site, on most of the pages and going cheap at $5 per month
  • Money Making Forum - text link for sale on the forum itself at $20 per month
  • PR3 Curry Recipe and Restaurant site - This site has been getting great traffic lately (mainly from the UK) $5 per month front page only
  • PR3 Blogspot Blog, hundreds of pages $3 per month
  • PR3 Job sites, three separate sites UK, Aussie and NZ looking for $5 US per month Sitewide links (thats per site not for all 3)
If you want to advertise your text links for free try the text link buzz forums.

Also on text link buzz this week we investigate Google TrustRank - is it going to replace Google PageRank altogether?

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