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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Money Fast with LinkWorth

I have recently started doing a few "LinkPosts" through a company called LinkWorth LinkWorth have been around for quite a while and have a whole suite of products which I won't go into in depth as I already have done a review of their products on my Text Link Buzz site

What I wanted to mention specifically on this site because of the other paid post sites that we have reviewed in the past is their LinkPosts, sponsored posts that you set your own price for. Heres how it works..

Sign up for Linkworth and submit your Blogs.
You can go here to register - submit all your blogs and fill in the usual details

Set a price for your Posts
Remember that LinkWorth work with a 50/50 revenue share on this product (this varys depending on the product) so you will not want to set your price to low. I started at 15 dollars and got a couple of articles straight away almost, so have now bumped my price up to 20 dollars.

Await article offers that will get emailed to you.
If Advertisers that belong to LinkWorth like the look of your site and of course the price that you are charging you will receive offers to write for them. You actually have ten days to write your post once you have accepted it which is a very nice length of time to have.

Write and submit the articles

Try to make the most of the articles that you write, you have an opportunity to learn about a product or website, its much more enjoyable if you take an active interest in whatever you are writing about. LinkWorth recommend that you place a small disclosure badge at the bottom of your article which was pleasing to see.

Affiliate Program
LinkWorth have a great affiliate program where you can actually earn ongoing income from your referrals.

Site Promotion
LinkWorth have some great badges that you can place on your site, with a link through to the stats to your Blog. The page has Google, Yahoo and MSN backlinks, Alexa rank, Google PR and other vital statistics about your site that potential advertisers will be interested in looking at. One thing I will say is that my Alexa rank on this page is a bit out of date, I wonder how often the statistics are updated.

Note: The links in this article include my affiliate code.

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Amanda M. Gladden said...

I will definitely sign up for this one! Thanks.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks for calling by Amanda, I hope you make some money out of linkworth

Mike said...

Seems interesting sites. Thanks for updating us with such type of programs