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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Make Money Fast with Money Sharing Forum

In recent weeks I have been giving Greg "Stratz" a hand with one of our joint projects which is the mmmtalk money making forums. Finally we have implemented AdSense revenue sharing which means that members of the forum that make posts and reply to threads end up getting their ads displayed for a percentage of the time.

Its certainly been an interesting and challenging project getting it all set up however it appears to be working well.

How it works...

Everytime a visitor to the forums views a post created by you as long as you have entered your AdSense publisher id then your ads will be displayed alternating with mmmtalks adsense. You share your content with us and we share our revenue with you. The more content that you create the more revenue you will earn.

Does Google allow this?

Part of the delay in setting this up was seeking clarification from Google, and they certainly don't have a problem with it as long as the site follows Google's TOS and you only display the same publisher id on the page at any one time. That means that you cant have an advert in the header with a different id in the footer for example. We have followed this requirement so things are now good to go.

If your forums comply with our program policies ( ) and the user has given you permission to share ad space, you're welcome to offer this option to them.

There are of course other forums that participate in this type of revenue sharing, one of the most well known is the digital point forums.

How to set up your AdSense sharing once you are a member

Once you have joined the forums then you can enter your publisher id, to do this simply click on edit profile in the user control panel and enter the publisher id number in the field as below..

Thats all there really is to it, get posting and the more posts that you create to and reply to the more times your adverts will show meaning more money for you.

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stratz said...

Thats great that it is iworking now it looks like everyone is happy about it. I am really Excited too. Can;t wait for next month Promo's too.

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