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Monday, July 16, 2007

Make Money Fast with Persistence, Commitment and Goal Setting

In the last two weeks I have earned just over $300 online, in October 2006 just ten months ago it took me a whole month to earn $36.85. This means my earnings have increased almost 20 times in less than a year and looking back it is the following traits, more than any particular money making opportunity that have done it..

I am a persistent person, stubborn even you could probably say. If I set my mind to something I just keep battering away until it happens. If you are lacking in persistence I would have to say that the chances of you making much money online are close to zero. You will of course be able to make a few dollars here and there but making more than pocket money will be difficult.

As other examples of persistence take a look at Mikes Money Making Mission, apart from a brief holiday he makes a post just about every single day and is now starting to make good money - recently he has struck gold with his celebrity insider blog which is getting thousands of hits. Also Kumiko at, she now charges $50 US dollars for a review and has gone from strength to strength in the time I have been following her blog (from the beginning I think).

Commitment and persistence are related but also different. For me commitment means making sure you allow yourself the resources to be persistant. This may be sacrificing time that you normally spend doing something else, perhaps even giving up on sleep! Its all about working through your priorities and ensuring that you allow yourself the best opportunities to achieve your tasks. We all struggle with commitment sometimes, however you need to make decisions about what you are going to commit yourself to and see it through.

Goal Setting
In the past I have been someone that has seldom set goals, however when I do set them you can be sure that I will do whatever I can to achieve them in the time frames that I specify. Its true that I don't always quite make it however I normally at least come close and if it takes a little longer than I first thought I will just keep going until its done.

As far as money making goals go, I have kept them small, incremental increases of 20 percent a month over a 30 month period. This month it looks like I will triple my target, however it gets increasingly hard as the 20 percent jumps mean a lot more in monetary terms as time goes on. If you set unrealistic targets its quite possible that you will not reach them, so it is best to make them reachable - however challenging at the same time.

A Simple Formula
There is nothing stopping you from doing the same, just keep on going - when you struggle to write look to others for inspiration or simply link to interesting articles. Have a break or go for a walk to think of ideas, by consistently creating unique content about your topic sooner or later things will start to happen. Is there a Blogger out there that has been writing consistently for 12 months that doesn't have traffic? I know there are lots of sites that wrote 10 articles and never did any more.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob

Just wanted to pass on congratulations on your achievement.

Your dead right, its not easy to make progress but if you just keep at it sooner or later things start to happen.

Have been a subscriber for a while now and am following progress with real interest.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian, its nice to actually put a name (and website!) to one of the subscribers of this site.

Thanks for ignoring all those sponsored posts and staying subscribed! If I could filter them from the feed I would.

Luke Michaels said...

Thanks for the link. This making money with blogs has it's ups and downs. The last couple of days have been dreadful for me, not really sure why but I did a post about it today.

You are right though it's persistance that, hopefully, does the trick. And discipline for when things don't go too well.

Best wishes,