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Friday, July 27, 2007

So close to the $600 Mark

Well folks we are about 4 days out from the end of the month and so far have managed to pump $542-74 into the coffers.

Its quite possible that we will crack $600 this month, and in fact its looking pretty damn likely. If you would like to help ensure that we do, why not check out our advertising page and see if you can help lol.

I was thinking today if you were reading this blog, how would you actually know I was making all the money that I say I am? Well I thought I would show you a couple of screen shots of the PayPal account of the Million Dollar Experiment for the last month.... If you want a PayPal account as busy as this then I suggest you become a subscriber! Its a fantastic feeling getting emails every day with money being deposited in your account.

Page 1

Page 2

Just remember this is not all the money I earn - this is the money I earn via PayPal, other programs like AdSense pay the money direct into my account.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Rachel said...

Thats great you are doing really well - you will have to aim for $1000 next month.

ice dragon said...

When you start the site, what was your goal, or what was the revenue you were expecting

Congrats in advance for the $1k hit mark

Clip said...

Dang, I could give up one of my part timers if I were bringing those numbers in each day. I think I'm gonna need to read your blog from start to finish.

rob stgeorge said...

rachel: I could probably crack the 1000 next month, however it would take a heck of alot of sponsored posts - I am keen to build up passive and affiliate income for now, however I need 600 to help pay the bills!

ice dragon: I didnt really know what to expect however in all honesty probably did not think that I would be where I am in less than a year - its all good so far. Thanks

clip: You could easily replace a part time job with some of the methods that I am using to make money online - beats getting out of bed on a monday morning and going to work!

stratz said...

YEah yeah we know you got it good Mr. part timer.. Anyway I hope to join you soon as a part-timer anyway. great work. I guess this doesn't include any other partnerships b/c we haven't drawn any money out yet. I have emailed back everyone to date so far. lets see how much this week will bring us