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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Buying Links Under The Radar

I was listening to a great podcast today by Mr-SEO and it talks about buying links, selling links and even why a simple link exchange should be avoided if you can get a one way link instead. (Incidentally I also saw this cool churchsign on the SEO site and just had to have one!)

The podcast continues on to talk about how potentially easy it would be for Google to pick up on those sites that are running Text Link Ads and that perhaps if you are Google may not be passing any Pagerank onto the sites that are purchasing links from you.

I have recently installed a plugin for my firefox called SEOQuake and this is a must for any webmaster with an interest in SEO, because it tells you at a glance of any page how many outgoing links it has, the PR, and all types of other interesting stats about a page.

The best ways to go if you are buying links is obviously to make them appear as naturally as possible, even a post that has sponsored in the title could well show up as a blip on the Google paid link radar.

There are numerous ways to buy natural looking links, you just need to approach bloggers and site owners and start talking about the best ways that you can both help each other. A lot of bloggers are very open to various methods that you can put to them regarding advertising - its just a matter of being upfront about it.


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