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Friday, August 31, 2007

How to Make $1000 a Month Online

I have been wanting to write this article for a long time, however the truth is that I have never really been qualified to do so until now. Finally I have cracked the 1000 dollar mark in one month and I want to share how I did it with you - so that if you want to do so you can simply replicate the same things I am doing and bring home the big one yourself.

At the bottom of this I have pasted an excerpt from my PayPal account so you can have confidence that here at the Million Dollar Experiment we are the real deal, and making money online at a reasonable pace.

1./ Have multiple sites

I have lots of sites, I don't think that what I am doing is easily achievable with one blogspot blog, this very site probably brings me in a couple of hundred a month, not one thousand, the rest comes from my other sites which I have built up over time. I havent even sat down and added all my sites up, however I have about 6 or 7 core sites that make me money, with about 3 or 4 that make over the hundred mark every month. I also have some sites that make no money at all, that is the price you pay for experimenting with different things. The old adage is true, don't put all your eggs in one basket - by approaching from different angles it is much more likely that one or more of the sites that you create will come through for you.

2./Let the sites do the work
This is one principle that I don't follow as much as I would like to, however it has recently started to pay off for me so I will try to do more of it. What I mean by this is try and have your sites set up so that you can literally make money while you sleep. Several of my sites do not rely on me updating them every day or two, or even every week. If I want to add content I can and that will be good for the sites - however they keep churning away with me doing so or not. The Blog model is unfortunately not to good for this - again it pays to have various models in your web site farm.

3./ Selling advertising at monthly rates.

To build up monthly income I have found one of the massive growth areas for my sites in the last couple of months has been in the advertising area and most of this I have pulled through privately via the Digital Point Forums. There are people on those forums with lots of money to spend on advertising their sites. Dont be afraid you just need to stop thinking about it and head over there and start marketing your sites.

4./ Sponsored Posts - arghhhhh

My least favorite of all online money making methods is writing sponsored posts, unfortunately to get the numbers that I am getting it is still a large part of the equation however what you can do is make the most of what you are doing, and try to maximize the opportunities in this arena, just like everything else that you do. I have two sites that I write sponsored posts on and this comes to several hundred dollars a month. The main companies I use include the infamous PayPerPost as well as the lesser known but very cool PayU2Blog, its almost like a paid job with the PayU2Blog guys they just fire probabaly 10 - 15 assignments at me a week and I can just work through them at my leisure. They pay fortnightly and my latest payment from them is $110 dollars.

5. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are great if you can write articles that are good enough to get search engine traffic. Once you get to this point visitors will come across to your articles and hopefully sign up for the programs that you recommend which will mean money in the pocket for you.

The best performing affiliate programs that I use are (in no particular order)

Linkworth - Pays $10 per signup
TextLinkAds - Pays $25 per signup
MoneyforBanners - Pays 10 pound per signup (lots of NZ dollars!)

You can also make money from these programs, just sign up and recommend them to others and you make money. Its not rocket science its just a matter of getting off your butt and doing it. (heres a secret for you - most people that don't make money online don't actually do anything to make money online !)

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Anonymous said...

Wow... $1000 per month is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us how you've achieved this. You are an inspiration to me :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandra, its great to be able to share it with you. Its been a long time to get this level however hopefully we can keep it churning along!

Anonymous said...

IMPRESSIVE! Sweet Cheddar! Congratulations! The Swiss_Mouse hopes to someday have such tasty returns.

comments about your bullet points:
1)multiple sites: The Swiss_Mouse has come to that realization. Get one site up and running well, then use it as a template for building and creating others.
2)Let sites do the work: MOST definitely! Blogging is one thing, but sites that "run themselves" are like having a license to print money 24/7. The Swiss_Mouse is has been involved with just such a site in the past. $100 a month may not sound like much. But for doing NOTHING..that is $100 more dollars to buy cheese with.
3)Digital Point: The Swiss_MOuse needs to check into that. He has an associate who is doing that and he is making a tasty little chunk.
4)Pay per post: eh! Not sure will have to look into that one.
5)Affiliates: This is a mixed bag. The Swiss_Mouse made some easy money off of affiliates in the past but that dried up recently and hasn't reappeared.

GOOD Luck! You have a new reader in the Swiss_Mouse.

Anonymous said...

swiss_mouse: thanks for calling by and your interesting comments. Glad you liked the article, and I am heading to your cheddarblog now for a read!


Unknown said...

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krishna said...

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