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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Summary of the Make Money Fast Million Dollar Experiment

Another month has flown past and I have to say that on the money making front it has been four exciting weeks with some big areas of growth finally in passive areas, or semi passive anyway.

Text Links
Have been selling these all over the show, many through the DP forums, the way I do this is by looking for people wanting to buy links related to the sites that I have and making them an offer. You need to be flexible and realistic when doing this.

Affiliate Income
Have made decent affiliate income this month from LinkWorth amongst others - by referring other people to LinkWorth which is a company that not only do text link ads, but sponsored posts and many other related products. They don't have such strict criteria as text-link-ads probably because they have so many other products so other bloggers can easily join LinkWorth - feel free to do so if you also want to earn excellent affiliate income.Another affiliate program that pays you 10 pounds to join up as well as an amazing 10 pounds per referral is Bucks4Banners - there were a couple of referrals this month which was fantastic.

Contextual Advertising
This has had a big boost in the last month, partly because one of my Curry Chicken site had a big boost onto the front page of Google for some popular Key Words, plus that site is now starting to come of age. My partner in that venture has been adding some great content via targeted blog posts as well which is helping make it the curry place to be.

Money Money Money
This month we banked $644, a fantastic amount and almost double last month. Although looking back it seems like it wasn't to much trouble there were some days when I was struggling to reach the daily targets that I set myself. I wanted to make $600 and I achieved that goal which was very pleasing on a personal level. In August I am looking to do a similar amount, however want to increase the text links, affiliate and contextual portion - less sponsored posts I promise!

Referrers of the Month
Congratulations to the Top 5 referrers of traffic to this site ( as reported by Google Analytics )

I hope you can join us in August as we continue to live the dream - making money fast on the internet.

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stratz said...

Nice work.. Soon In a few month I hope to see that amount made by GRIS. But most of it all passive.

ice dragon said...

this type of posts are very motivated for us, thanks and we are glad that you are sharing the knowledge that you have learning in the road, until next post, icedragon . . .