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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Make Money Fast Without Sponsored Posts

After my 56 dollar day yesterday I was left feeling a little deflated, mainly because so much of the day was spent doing sponsored Posts. I was determined to turn that around today and was pleased to see that overnight $8 had come in from a post level link deal I had been doing.

I decided to do my first actual sales thread on the DP forums, normally I just lurk around looking for people that want to buy links, but as I now have made the required 25 posts I can now create my own thread.

It was a busy couple of hours, I probably had about 6 people interested in the 2 sites that I offered, sold one $66 package and a $50 package (this one came about when the guy asked about any other sites that I had) plus a few bits and pieces. Also had some offers that I rejected because there were to low.

I think at the moment I am pricing my links at about the right prices, as I don't seem to have to many problems selling them.

Also I managed to fit in a $10 PayPerPost today, that was easy money,and reserved a Smorty post for 12 dollars, will save that for tommorrow as quite beat now.

Total for the day around 130 - 140 Dollars, and a nice warm glow that comes with making 90% of my money today without sponsored posts!

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