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Friday, August 24, 2007

Make Money From How

Firstly an apology for the weird title, I was looking at some analysis and found that lots of people type into to search engines "Make Money From How" however apparently there is not to much competition for the phrase.

I have been trying lots of stuff like this lately, because I think that if I can really nail a couple of sure fire ways of getting a bit of search engine love then I will be away.

On my Sir Blogger site I have already mentioned my Melissa Wolf experiment, however funnily enough this site is now ranking higher for Melissa Wolf than what my Sir Blogger site is. I have heard that because is owned by Google it is a "trusted" domain so gets a lot more of the big "G" love than your average domain.

This is a bit ironic especially as there are so many spammy blogger blogs out there.

Anyway I am just going to keep trying this kind of stuff and will keep reporting back to you my valued readers because I am sure what I find out will benefit us all.

I found that theres a lot of people out there with a celebrity foot fetish as well, so have given that a shot also on Sir Blogger - you can check this one out here female celebrity foot picture - it wasn't easy actually finding one either, however luckily I found a picture that has Paris Hilton tanning herself with one of her big hoofs waving at the camera.

Do you have a favorite method for getting your articles ranking?

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