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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passive Income - A Dream or a Reality?

As the earning potential continues to improve things have changed a bit for my money making mission. In the past I used to struggle to find a way to make some money - now it is a matter of choosing the things to work on that are best inline with 2 requirements that I have going forwards

1./ I have an immediate requirement for money
2./ Long term dream of earning money while I sleep.

At the moment this month I have probably spent more time on number 2, however it has taken a lot of number 1 to get me to where I am currently sitting.

Sometimes the time that it takes to do a sponsored post can be spent promoting your other sites and the money that you will earn is tenfold what one sponsored post will earn.

I read a great article a couple of weeks ago by Shaun Carter about Passive vs. Active Blogging Income and he alludes to the fact that out of all the ways to earn money online passive income is the holy grail that few really achieve in a significant way.

Do you think that you will be able to achieve the dream?

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