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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thoof - Whats In A Name?

When a magician creates a spell there can be a great puff of smoke and poof! Well for those that want to create a similar effect with their blog articles you can write a great article and Thoof! it.

Thoof is a site with a name that tends to stick in your mind, the question that everyone is asking though is how do you come up with a name like Thoof? As they now have an entry in the Internets encyclopedia you would have to say that Thoof is now actually a real word.

I think Thoof is some kind of acronym that probably made a word, however if I had to guess it would be this.

Thoof is all about personalized news so with that in mind we here at the million dollars experiment down under have shown what we believe to be the acronym for Thoof


Those are all words that could be used to describe Thoof, so could that be what it stands for? I hope that at some stage the creators of Thoof will let us know how exactly the name came about.

What do you think it stands for?