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Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Update - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

This is a quick update of a few things going down at the moment.

ShoeMoney is One funny dude
Check out this article from the shoemans travel diarys - Airports and their bathrooms I would have to say a must read for the American Air Traveler.

Money Making Madness
Things have really stepped up for me on the money making front in the last few weeks, have been flat out wheeling and dealing on the DP forums as well as trying to keep up with everything else. One of the biggest problems that is really starting to become apparent is the time management side of it all. Are there any good resources that people use out there to save time? Let me know if you are using anything and I will give it a shot.

A couple of months ago I removed the "No Follow" from my comments hoping to encourage worthwhile comments on my articles, however unfortunately the majority of what comes through is just spam.

My suggestion is that if you are going to leave a comment that (you want to get published) at least show that you have taken the time to read the article. Each comment is checked by me and a lame excuse to try and get a free link is not going to work.

I am seriously considering adding back the "no follow", as I am sure it does cut down on spam.

Google PageRank
Theres been a lot happening with the Google data centers over the last couple of weeks however I dont think the actual update has yet happened. You can check your site on a bunch of dc's at www.digpagerank.com

Advertising Opportunities
We have a number of advertising opportunities available at the moment across several of our sites, one new method that seems to be quite popular is the post level links that we are selling. For only $5 you get 4 permanent links with the keywords of your choice. You can check out our advertising page for more information or contact me via my contact page.

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