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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can We Be Number One For Female Celebrity Foot Picture

As you probably have figured out by now if you are wanting to get a bunch of traffic and interest to your website it helps to focus on specific niches, and try and find a market that hasn't been particularly well catered for. Its all very cool having a blog about making money online, but you are one of many - you may do well, however its a lot harder than focusing on a niche with little competition.

How many blogs do you know thought that have a great article about a female celebrity foot picture?

Probably not to many and that is how I managed to rank number 5 for the term after just a few weeks. In the last two days that keyword and ones related to it have sent me around 30 unique visitors.

Following the success of this I have decided to take it one step further (sorry had to do it!) and I am now gunning for the number one position. You can check the current position by running the google search here. (Our site has been as high as 5, today sitting at 9 )

Today I added more content to the article, it is already ranking well however we all know Google loves content and specifically unique content. So now we wait and see what happens, however I think it will be good, especially as I managed to find a couple of great pictures of Jessica Alba's feet, and what lovely feet they are.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting test.

Several years ago, the Swiss_Mouse and an associate tweaked and tweaked our keywords for a Cafepress website until our merch was showing up not only in the top pages of Cafepress' search engine, but also in Google, MSN, etc.

Just to confirm, the Swiss_Mouse just checked. That site is running unattended and drawing 20 to 60 unique visitors everyday and earning $40 to $100 every month in sales. Unattended.

The power of (key)words.

Anonymous said...

Thats some nice passive income, maybe you could replicate it if you have a formula, and make a bunch of such sites.