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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Have Patience With Your SEO - It Takes Time

One thing that I have definitely learned over the last 6-12 months is that SEO takes time. I am now fairly confident that with the tools that I have available I can do enough research to pick a good keyword or phrase, make the html and content changes to optimize for it, and lastly monitor the ranking of the words to determine when success kicks in.

However it takes at least a month, sometimes 3 -6 months to really start ranking and its important to not panic and start changing things around. Just have confidence in your abilities, make the changes and wait and watch. If of course nothing has happened in the 3-6 month period then it could be time to change tactics...

If you want an example of this, I have a curry recipes site and finally it is hovering around position 10 to 11 for the words "curry recipes" however it has taken around 6 months.

This site I optimized for the words "Make Money Fast" around the same time and it took a couple of months before we were even registering. Now we hover around 34 - 65 however it is slowly rising.

SEO is something you need to keep working at, and chipping away, eventually you will make it if you are persistent enough.

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Web Design said...

Good post. Thanks for sharing your information.Yes it is true, SEO work can't be done in two days. After few months' rigorous practice with every seo tools, one can say about its improvement. It needs keep working and after getting effective result also you need to update and continue your work with same enthusiasm.

vps hosting said...

SEO can't be done in a day, it takes longer time for giving fixed results.