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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keyword Services - Wordtracker Review

When writing articles one keyword services tool that I have been using lately to find niche keywords to use is the wordtracker trial. If it continues to prove itself a worthwhile tool eventually I will probably start paying for a subscription to it.

The trial lets you have a play for a couple of hours - here is the wordtracker trial.

I am going to step you through it, so you should be able to see yourself why it can be such a useful tool. Remember when it comes to keywords you are looking for something that is a) often searched for and b) not to much competition. This is exactly what the wordtracker tool can be used for .

Firstly sign up for the trial, click on the link that you will be sent via email and enter the keyword you want to start mining...This will bring you to the screen below..

Now what we want to do is drill down on some of the suggestions, as you can probably pick up on I am killing two birds with one stone and using this articles techniques on this article... lets look at the term "keywords". You will see from the shot below by focusing on the word "keywords" we are starting to get some useful terms that I will add to my "keyword basket"

There are two columns of particular interest that we are looking at. One is called count and the other is called predicted. Count is what the wordtracker database shows for the particular term over the last 90 days, the other column is predicted which is the number of predicted searches for the term today over all the major search engines.

Now that we have some keywords that we are wanting to concentrate on we can move to the final stage which will show us what kind of competition we are going to be facing. If you recall earlier we mentioned that what we are looking for is words that are often searched for but little competition. Well wordtracker gives us a keyword "score" that tells exactly that as well as showing the competition for a given word.

The KEI compares the actual count result (number of times a keyword has appeared in wordtrackers data) with the count of competing web pages so that you can pinpoint exactly which words are most effective for your keyword targeting.

You can see in this case the best keywords for me to use are "Keyword Services" so I will incorporate those into the title of the article and another couple of places, however the score is not great, if I was serious about the keywords in this instance I would actually go back and mine for some more that had a better KEI score.

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Anonymous said...


As with WordTracker you can also try the KeywordDiscovery - Keyword Research Tool which has a much larger keyword database. Great for tail end and niche keyword research.


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