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Friday, September 07, 2007

Writing Articles for Search Engines

Its been an interesting last few weeks for me, I am on a constant journey to improve my "smarts" when it comes to making money fast online, and this has meant trying to find the best ways (legit of course) to maximize the exposure of my sites on search engines.

There are lots of articles floating around about how best to write your article so that Google gives you lots of "love" however I am starting to think that Google is a hell of a lot smarter than what we think sometimes.

Often it is the term that you weren't even thinking about that brings in the visits and I am thinking that perhaps Google's algorithms are getting so smart at picking up unnatural looking keyword placements and emphasis that it is best to not think to much about it at all and just write what comes naturally to you.

I am starting to rank fairly well for a couple of terms on my Sir Blogger site however it is up and down a bit. Some of the current keywords I am enjoying some G love on at the moment are...

Britney Exline
- Front page for this kid who is so smart that she has entered college at age 15
female celebrity foot picture - We are also on the front page for this term.

Now celebrity foot picture has sent that site 31 visitors in the last couple of weeks and over the months and years ahead this may add up to many hundreds of visitors. All because I did the following...

  1. Found a term that was often searched for but not many results
  2. Wrote an article using the term as the start of the title
  3. Used the term a couple of times in the article once in italics
  4. Linked to the pages a couple of times with anchor text as or near to the key words
Thats all! Front page of Google with 4 simple steps, not rocket science but better than just writing an article with no thought at all of what you are trying to achieve. I strongly recommend against overdoing it. Just keep it basic and write good content and Google will figure it out.

Good luck!

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