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Monday, October 15, 2007

Back to Normal

Well its back to normal for me, my holidays are just about over and actually I go back to work this week, only for 3 days however as my wife and daughter are heading to Australia so I have some more time off to look after the little guy.

Its nice to not have the pressure of making $100 a day like I did last week, I can just take my time and make a bit, as well as spending quality time on building new sites and enhancing the ones I already have.

The latest site I am working on is a niche site where I have done quite a bit of analysis before creating it both on keywords as well as well paying adsense words. This means the content of my site will be targeted to what I have found to be high cost keywords in Adwords, with the theory that if they cost a lot, they must pay out well to the lucky publisher.

I will let you take a look at the site once I have some more content published, probably later in the week. I have also used a Wordpress theme that has been specially designed for Adsense, so it should be an interesting project.

Enjoy your day.

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I'm a lego kid said...

I'm helping my 7 year old son grow his lego site, and am enjoying reading about your experiments on what works and what doesn't.

I got to ask though... are you feeling a little frustrated? Your site is fantastic, and I can't understand why you haven't made more of an income on this experiment. You've got a ton of content and great info! I can only imagine the amount of hours you have put into all of this. (Maybe you should calculate your hourly wage too!)

I'm thinking that you've got alot of content, but not enough conversion opportunities.

I hope that all the links that you test, you are at least setting those up as an affiliate links.

I also think that you should offer to do reviews on your site.

Have you heard of WidgetBucks? You might see if they are worth expirenting with. If it turns out profitable, you can refer other people to them, and make 10% off of what they bring in.

rob stgeorge said...

I am currently giving widgetbucks a trial on one of my sites, looks OK at this stage.

I am not frustrated at all, infact when I look at what I made 12 months ago compared to now, I am very happy with how I am going. On this site I never count the money I make in my partnerships and myself and partners have a lot of sites together.

Probably I need more affiliate links, however to be honest lately I have been spending more time on creating new sites.

I dont want to work out my hourly rate, however I enjoy what I am doing lol. So I guess its not really work is it.

Thanks for your comments


I'm a lego kid said...

Well that's good. I think your site is incredibly valuable, and I think you should be raking in the big bucks!