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Monday, October 08, 2007

Featured Review - Online Casino Bluebook

If you are interested in Online Casino's but perhaps aren't to sure about which sites are the best to use then you will be impressed with the Online Casino Bluebook site, all the hard work has already been done.

The site shows the Top 10 Online Casinos and if you are still unsure and have particular needs that you want met, you can actually email them outlining your requirements and they will get back to you with the perfect online casino to suit your specific circumstances.

The site rates each online casino on the amount of welcome bonus, as well as the payout percentage. Payout percentage is the proportion of the total amount of money bet by players that is paid out in winnings. So for example if the percentage is 98% that means that 98% of all the money bet at the casino is in turn paid back to the winners, and the casino itself keeps 2% of the total bets made. The welcome bonus is playing money that is given to the players on sign up.

I think the site is worth bookmarking, and one of the reasons for this is that if you type online casino into a search engine there are so many to choose from that you don't really know the reputable ones from the non-reputable, at least at the Online Casino Bluebook site you can have some peace of mind that the sites are rated that way after reviews from experienced online gamblers.


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