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Friday, October 26, 2007

Is it better to have many sites that make a little or a few sites that make a lot?

Lately myself and Greg have been in the position where we have so many sites that we struggle to find the time to work on them all which of course raises many interesting questions as to what is the best way to go.

Obviously if you have 100 sites and they all make around $1 a day then you are doing ok, but what a lot of effort it takes to drive traffic to all these sites and maintain them.

The other side of the coin is if you have say 1 or 2 sites that earn $100 a day, the effort is very minimal however of course the risk is much greater. With many sites the chances of them all getting hit with an algorithm change at Google for instance is much smaller than the potential of it happening with one site.

I think somewhere in the middle is the place to be so I am going to try to work on getting around 20 sites to earn $5 each a day. Thats a happy medium and probably will do nicely. Of course it is never that simple and some will earn more and some less, however I am thinking 100 sites is way to many to handle.

What do you think? How many sites are you going to have or already have and what do you think is optimal?

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3coasts said...

I am by no means an expert on blogging for money...

However, in my opinion you're better off having one or two sites that make good money rather than 100 sites that make so-so money.

Either way, I wish you the best.


Anonymous said...

dm: thanks for stopping by, I definitely agree with you there, especially if you mean just blogs, 100 blogs would be a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a few sites that make a lot - no doubt about that at all!

Any chance of a quick report on your WidgetBucks earnings thus far?

Norm said...

1 Successful Blog/Website does not equal 100 successful ones. In my opinion it is hard to scale, and whether it will work or not really depends on topics, niches and experimenting.

In my opinion not an easy job.