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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Many Posts on the Front Page

For a long time I only kept about 3 posts on the front page, thinking I was being smart for keeping it clean. Especially as I do a few sponsored posts I wanted them off the front page as quickly as possible.

At the time it seemed a sound idea however I now realize it was a silly one, your main page normally has the best page ranking with google, so content that is on your front page is much more likely to show in searches than if it is orphaned off onto its own little page somewhere.

I guess you could go to the other extreme and have to many posts on the front page. To many of course can overwhelm a visitor and become slower to load. Some bloggers report higher bounce rates when they have to many posts on the front page.

The optimum I think is around 7 - 10 medium sized posts, with perhaps less if you write very long posts ( 400 words plus) and more if you write short 50 worders.

I have noticed my search traffic has increased considerably since I changed from 3 to 10 however of course it could have been a change in the google algorithm, however my traffic literally doubled overnight!! which has not happened before.

You can see from the stats below the difference I am talking about, it was around a week ago when I changed from 3 to 10 and whether it is coincidence or not... boom!

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Tom said...

Hi Rob,

Just thought I'd drop by and tell you about WidgetBucks too. I don't think you've written about it yet.

It's been getting good reviews over at DP. Basically it looks like another good PayPal alternative/compliment to AdSense. It pays generously CPM (up to $6). I've just written a WidgetBucks review over at AdSense4Dummies if you want to take a look.

If you think it's worth a shot please consider signing up using my link over there.


Make Money Fast said...

Signed up mate, will let you know how I get on!