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Monday, October 08, 2007

Summary - Day 1 of the Make Money Fast $500 Challenge

I woke up this morning full of energy and ready to embark upon what can only be described as an online challenge of epic proportions. To make $500 in just five days is something that we have not done in such a constructive manner before.

First out I did a review, then a few sponsored posts and had reached just over $60 by lunchtime.

In the afternoon I moved my concentration to the DP forums where I set about selling some advertising packages on some of my sites. This proved to be fairly lucrative and it was lucky because I had hit a bit of a brick wall with the sponsored articles.

Thanks to the following programs and sites that have helped us achieve our goals today. Please note some of them are affiliate links, so if that upsets you please don't say I didn't warn you.

ReviewMe $20
Payperpost $37.50
Smorty $6.00
PayU2Blog $10.00
Blogsvertise $10.00
DP Forums $59.00
Contextual Advertising $4.61

That folks comes to a total of $147.11 for day 1, I started at around 8-00 am and had made the 100 by about 3PM. (went out for a Chiropractor appointment in the morning and stopped for lunch for a bit) Even though I achieved the figure early on I thought I would keep going because in this business you never know what the next day will bring.

Tommorrow we embark upon day 2, tired but satisfied right now. Still bitter about the All-Blacks getting an early exit from the Rugby World cup - I have never seen the country in such a state of mourning.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, $500 in a week seems a little ambitious, but you've ogt off to a flying start.
So you're over at DP too? What's your username?

Anonymous said...

So, after visiting the Chiropractor and eating lunch (a cheese sandwich?), if you figure in the cost...are you still above $100 for the day?

Anonymous said...

Tom: Its a bit more of a battle today thats for sure, however I certainly think its doable.

My username on DP is sirblogger and yours?

SwissMouse: I am not factoring my chiropractic expenses into it lol. Or my lunch and actually I had toasted sandwhiches.

Anonymous said...

Since you ask this is me. Quite a senior there ;)