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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Summary - Day 3 of the Make Money Fast $500 Challenge

Today has been another battle, I really have to say I thought it would be easier than this, however I am hoping that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew! Luckily we are now over halfway and still hanging in there.

It seems to be fairly straightforward to make say $50 in a day, however once you have done that all the good opportunities tend to dry up a bit and I seem to spend the rest of the day scratching and scraping to get the rest.

Payperpost $42.00
Smorty $18.00
Blogsvertise $20.00
DP Forums $10.00
Contextual Advertising $6.45

That folks comes to a total of $96.45 for day 3, unfortunately it was another disjointed day however I still got a few solid hours in. Again fortunately we are still ahead of budget total is standing at $317.81.

Tommorrow we are really going to have to think of some new ideas to continue to hang in there, however I have just received news that I may have landed a writing job that should help push me over the finish line!

Take care out there.


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Laura said...

Hi Rob,
Wow, you're doing really good! My current goal is $15/day. And you're able to bring in $100/day. That gives me a lot of hope! Be careful with the positioning of your paid posts though. I lost money when PPP rejected one of my posts a couple of weeks ago. They said it was because it was next to another paid post. They don't give second chances for that either. Evidently this is a new rule and it doesn't matter if it's another PPP or different company paid post. Just thought I'd let you know.
Best of luck with your challenge.

rob stgeorge said...

Thanks laura, yeah I have had my butt kicked for that in the past, I will try to be careful as you are right, no second chance.

Most of the sponsored posts on this site are not actually ppp ones, they tend to like my other site that has a proper domain name much more.

Good luck to you as well, I dont think I can sustain this for more than five days!