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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Make Money Fast - Adwords Update

Ssshhhh.... don't tell Google however on one of my adwords campaigns I am making more than I am spending. It evens out however as on some of my other campaigns I am spending more than what is being generated.

Now I am fine tuning, one campaign I have spent several dollars on and not even one click has converted. My winning campaign is consistently delivering, it is like a market trade of buying and selling. The site is making more per visitor than what I am paying.

This means I can now up my advertising and spend a bit more to drive even more traffic and see what happens from there.

This month as I am working full time again for a couple of weeks (temporarily) I am spending what little time I have working the sites, trying to build a better passive base. I have some challenging months ahead and what to be in an ideal position.

I have actually found that with a broad range of keywords being used, it's quite possible that when the visitor reaches the site, it is not quite what they are looking for so they exit via another ad....

This I think is the key to this particular sites short lived success at making money fast with Adwords.

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