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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Make Money Fast With Your Own Proxy Site

One popular method to make money online is with a Proxy site. We have just launched our first site and would like to share what we have learned so far, so that you can set your own site up if you want to.

I will also report further down the track with the success of this site and any additional lessons learned along the way.

If you decide you want to do your own site, feel free to ask me any questions, I am here to help and can give technical advice and/or assistance if necessary.

What is a proxy?

A proxy allows anyone anywhere to access sites that may otherwise be blocked. E.g at work you may be blocked from visiting facebook or myspace, however through a proxy you will be able to access them.

Why do you want a Proxy?

Proxies can become very viral and attract a huge amount of traffic in a short space of time, however they are not always looked upon as a long term solution because often they are blocked as soon as they are discovered by the schools, workplaces etc.

How much does it cost to set up a proxy?

Here are my set up costs.

Domain Name $7-15 (Godaddy with coupon code)
Custom Logo $5-00 (DP forums)
1st Month Hosting $4-00 (DP forums)

Total with 1 month hosting $16-15

And probably one hour of my time, which involved finding a template, uploading the files and a couple of minor customizations to setup AdSense and Logo etc.

Ok ok I am convinced what do I do now?

1./ Choose a proxy script - the most common types are php proxy (no longer being developed), zelune (this is the one I chose) and also a type called CGI-proxy which I have not had much to do with yet.

2./ Find hosting that allows proxies, remember to check with your hosting provider first because proxies are very resource intensive, so there may be a clause about whether or not they are allowed. A search on the DP forums is the best place that I found to find both discussions and links to good proxy hosting.

3./ Register the domain name of your choice, I use and you can normally find a coupon to save you a few dollars on the net. Once you have purchased the domain name, you will need to point the nameservers to your new hosting.

4./ Upload files to your hosting, change the pub-id for the adsense, and make any other minor changes that you may want to (e.g your own logo) and that really is about it.

Here is my finished site. One More Pimp

Ok thats great - but how to make money from this?

We are trying several methods to generate traffic to our new proxy, there are many ways of doing this including topsites that list proxies, myspace bulletins and many other methods.

Money making is simply a matter of then converting this traffic, once the site is ticking along we may experiment with pop ups and pop unders, as well as the more traditional methods like AdSense. Remember your proxy may only be around for a short time, so its a good idea to make the most out of the traffic that you get.

Good luck in your proxy venture, let me know how you get on, or if you need any help.

Rob StGeorge
Proxy Owner

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streak_tlu said...

Yo Rob - I was curious how you got your blog to be 3 columns. I tried messing with the template stuff, but I couldn't figure it out. Did you have use customized html ? Preciate your time in advance!

rob stgeorge said...

sure mate, I wrote an article at the time.

Forest Parks said...

Have you managed to make anything yet?

This seems like a very interesting concept.

rob stgeorge said...

probably about breaking even, getting good traffic but its a pretty low conversion on the proxy sites, will post more about it in a couple of weeks...

Doc_Report said...

what is your current perceptions in regards to owning a proxy?
I see it's still up, that's good.

Rob StGeorge said...

making a small profit, but bad time of year - schools out! will see how the new year goes, but all good so far.

Doc_Report said...

I was going to buy a proxy from this British chap, I did some Goggling and realized he owned probably 200+ proxy sites (Well at least I quit counting after 200).

I had to rethink it,

But, then again, nothing to lose : )



Alan said...

Thank you for the advice. I am averaging $4.00 a week and 60 uniques a day. However it is increasing each day and is fairly new. As you can see I went with your advice as to linking to top sites. I had virtualy no setup because I already use hosting for my otehr sites and .tk is a free domain name. Let me know your thoguhts and thanks for the tips:

Doc_Report said...

I gave up on my proxy sites. I thought if I could have 100 sites producing $1 a day, that would be cool, HA! Can't just let them sit out there, they all need advertising and such.
Then I felt guilty about running proxy sites because someone could be using them to hide bad things they are doing. And then the bandwidth, I had to increase my hosting 2 or 3 times. In the end I started turning my proxy sites to niche Adsense sites (About 25 in all) and let them expire.