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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Make Money Fast - Write for Other People

There has been some interest lately in how I landed a writing gig when participating in the $500 5 day challenge and I thought I should walk you through it. There are plenty of opportunities and money waiting to change hands on the DP forums and it really is just a matter of being realistic about pricing and getting in touch with people.

Where to go...
The content creation forum of DP forums is a great place to both advertise your writing services or respond to members that are looking for articles to be written.

How much to charge...
Unfortunately there are loads of people hanging around the forums that are willing to write articles for very cheap prices, you need to be competitive however if you have above average writing skills and/or perhaps something else to offer you can certainly wheel and deal your way to some work.

Quality of work...
Once you have made the commitment to do a job give it your best shot, even if it may take longer than what you may have thought. You may be judged on what you write both now and in the future - so make it good enough to be proud of.

Additional tips..

  • Make sure your write the content in your own words - I am sure it is obvious but I will say it anyway you cannot expect to paste content and sell it as unique.
  • When writing a large article write paragraph starters, then fill in the content - I find this to be the quickest method, otherwise you can waste time trying to think about how to fill in the article.
  • Be polite and ask for feedback

As you can probably tell from a quick look of the forums this is a busy little industry and one that can provide you with a good base of income. Don't expect to make a million in this manner but you can use it to help fund your other projects. Also you are making money without cramming sponsored posts into your own blog.

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