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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What is Your RealRank?

Well I had heard that RealRank was now live so I logged in to payperpost interested to see where I was ranked.

The thing is that as not many people are using RealRank yet it is just a grading from 1 - ?? (however many bloggers have the code on their sites) and according to the ppp blog have recently logged in to PPP. Quote from the PPP crew below.

It represents your position within the world of all users who have installed it on their blog, so if 50,000 people suddenly all start using it, your place in the world could rapidly change.

So far so good, you can view the RealRank that has been calculated so far by heading to the "View my Blogs" part of PPP. Heres mine below...

I am guessing there are maybe 5000 or so sites currently being ranked? What do you think - is this going to work and how is your RealRank looking? You need to get the code installed on your site to be able to receive a RealRank. In the picture below RealRank is the last column.

Enjoy the day - Happy Money Making!

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Forest Parks said...

I am going to try this. Luckily I have a Google PR 4 and am worried RealRank will rank me at a lower rate due to lack of visitors.

However I think the future is good for it.

April Kerr said...

One of my blogs has a RR of 215, is PR3 and gets about 250 visitors per day.

Not seeing anything special in terms of quality opportunities.