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Thursday, November 08, 2007

When the going gets tough - Chill out

I have had one of those weeks where pretty much everything I have touched has turned to custard and its easy to get despondent at times like this however one thing I have learned over the last year or so is that every day is different and new challenges will show themselves constantly.

When things don't go our way there are two things you can do...

  • Give up and take the easy path - sometimes its not worth the hassle and this may be the best option for you.
  • Learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and strive to improve things for next time.

I think when I look back I have actually learned more from my mistakes than from my success's and I count myself lucky sometimes to be able to do so many things that give me so many opportunities to screw them up.

Tonight I hit rock bottom there for a while when I set out the monthly newsletter for one of my sites to all the newsletter subscribers, in the past I have screwed it up before including...

  • Forgetting to include the subject line
  • CCing everyone instead of BCCing meaning everyone could see everyones address!!

Today though took the prize, I carefully checked the Subject line, I made sure twice that the BCC field was ok and I had sent a copy to my internet partner for proofreading, he had spotted a couple of minor grammatical mistakes and so I had copied and posted the newsletter - everything was perfect.

SEND - There is always the anxious wait when you send a mass email newsletter out however I was quite confident I had nailed it, imagine my horror when my copy arrived and it looked like this...

All the formatting of the links was screwed up and I now know not to paste from my Gmail into Microsoft outlook - another valuable lesson learned!

I was quite down in the dumps for a while, as I set high standards for myself and are trying to make my living doing this stuff. But then I thought how lucky am I to have a great site like Curry Focus where people like it enough to sign up for the newsletter and the site continues to grow from strength to strength.

At the end of the day most people prefer content written by humans, and we are always going to make mistakes.

I just need to chill out, not make the same mistake again - and keep providing content the best I can.

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Mike Perry said...

All sent to try us.

Life does seem to go in cycles of highs and lows. Some days everything goes right and then others are the opposite.

I've found it best to go hell for leather on the high days and use this to the maximum. And on the low days take it steady and try to stay out of trouble.

Best wishes,

rob stgeorge said...

wise words as always mike! Thanks for the good ideas.