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Monday, December 17, 2007

Make Money Fast Important Update

To be honest I am over whoring my sites for money. I have accepted my lot - taken a caning and now head back to work full time in the new year - no more part time work for me. I think the whole Google bitch slap thing has been a good wake up call for me, because I don't really want to earn my income by paid posts and text links. Again I will still continue to do the ones I have committed to - and the links that paid for long periods will stay because thats what they paid for.

Its been a great 6 months working 3 days a week and trying to make a living online, however now time to get back to work. I don't think it has been a waste as I now have about 30 websites that I can continue to work away with when I have some time, and thats something that I probably wouldn't have if I had continued to work a full week.

Spending more time with the kids has been great to, however it probably wasn't quality time as I was always trying to earn the next fast dollar online.

What does this mean to the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under?
Well we carry on as per normal - except probably I won't be posting quite as much as I used to, however will still aim to write 2 or 3 articles per week. The exponential growth part of our experiment will still be a driving force for me, however I am going to really try to work on the passive side of it more than anything else.

For a while there I was almost living the dream and the lifestyle was great, however reality has set in and its probably more sensible to work hard for a couple more years, earn some real money and just keep building the passive streams.

Sometimes you need to make hard decisions, and this was a hard one, however the way I am feeling right now I think it was a sensible one.

I hope you can stick with us as we head into this new chapter of our experiment.

Rob StGeorge

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Mike Perry said...

Good luck to you, Rob, whatever you do.

Part of success is also knowing when to make changes. There are many other opportunities about and something good will come from your change of direction.


Anonymous said...

thanks mike for your wise words as always. I for one will be happy not to go scrounging around for $10 paid posts.

stratz said...

Though luck mate. Perhaps this will mean you will be more concentrated on the task at hand now instead of losing sight of the prize. I guess we will not be able to talk as much online but it may mean we both will get more work done.


Anonymous said...

i think it was brave of you to try this out. I also believe that change is good. Who know what new opportunities you'll come across with this change. Good luck rob.

Norm said...

All the best Rob.

As Mike says knowing when to change is the key. Knowing that when something that is not working well and changing, better then doing the same thing for another year and be in the same position.


Anonymous said...


I read your blog almost everyday. Even though you won't be posting as frequently, I still plan to pass by from time to time. Your blog was one of the first ones to give me the kick up the arse I needed to 'just do it'.

Good luck in everything you do.

take care...

Unknown said...

thanks heaps for your kind comments!

jay said...

You were living the dream for us all for a while...pity it came to an end before true fulfillment, but good that you have the option and had not closed the door on a regular wage.
I have gone down the parallel-income route using paid blogging for 'pocket money'. I think real internet income has to come form a proper business offering a real commercial service. As you said, I have often thought that working online from home would not give me as much free time as I would like to think...
Well done for having a go... you are richer for the experience.