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Monday, December 10, 2007

Proxy Update - Not Quite Fast Money Yet!

Over the last couple of months myself and Greg set up a couple of new Proxy websites and attempted to experiment with them as a way of making money. Here is how we are going so far...

Proxy 1 -
Setup: Nov 2 - 2007
Last Months Traffic: 2093 Unique Visitors
Average Monthly Earnings: $12.75

Proxy 2 -
Setup: Nov 25 - 2007
Last Months Traffic: 3911 Unique Visitors (worked out from last 10 days traffic)
Average Monthly Earnings: $6.2

(Earnings worked out from daily figures taken over last 7 days, then multiplied by 31 to get average month - this being necessary as one of the sites, has not yet been going for a whole month.)

The advertising that is earning money is just contextual advertising and for the amount of traffic the earnings are quite low. We really need ten times the traffic to start making some decent money however at least the sites are paying for themselves at this point

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bloggernoob said...

not bad. i should start a proxy site. can you point me to some resources about starting a proxy?

MsFit said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hi,
you have a great blog,
lots of neat stuff.

Feel free to check out mine anytime:

thank you,
keep up the good blogging!

Mike Perry said...

Interesting though I must admit I don't fully understand Proxy sites - at the moment.