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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Make Money Fast With Arcade Sites

One of the ways to set up an interesting site, for minimal outlay is by hosting your own arcade site. Both myself and Greg have about 4 or 5 of them and would like to share some of the lessons that we have learn't along the way that will help you to run your own successful arcade site.

Buy a good script

There are a number of free scripts out there and also some very cheap ones, however a word for the wise, its better to spend $50 on a decent script rather than mess around with the free or very cheap ones.

Keep your script updated as well, hackers seem to love hacking arcade sites as we found out recently and that can be a real annoyance.

Add new games on a regular basis

By adding a new game every day or week ( or whatever you decide ) it keeps your site fresh and also sometimes you will add a game that proves to be popular and can gain a lot of extra visitors in this manner.

Use SEO friendly URL's if you have the option.
Most scripts have an option that lets you have either SEO friendly URL's like /games/pacman.html rather than something like /games?=id34765 and as you can imagine this type of friendly URL can help Google and other search engines figure out that you have a pacman game a lot more easily.

Dont place Adsense to close to games.
You need to be aware that there needs to be a clear line or gap between your games and your ads. You cannot try to make visitors to your site accidentally click your adverts as that is against the Google TOS.

Having your own arcade sites can be a heck of a lot of fun and a great way to make money online. Its easy to get set up and dont be overawed by the seeming complexity of such sites, being script based they really are a turnkey solution.

Arcade Game Resources to Get you started...

Agares Media

Free Arcade Scripts

Av Arcade

Arcade Site Hosting - $5 per month
Gris Internet Solutions

Examples of our arcade sites..
Put Off Work
Arcade Genius

If you have any questions related to setting up your own arcade sites please ask away and I will be happy to answer them.

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Forest Parks said...

Hmmmm, how much do you make of these?

Where do you get the games?

I am thinking of starting something like this so thanks for the info.

Rob StGeorge said...

well i guess it depends on how much traffic you can get as to earnings.. but you can buy gamepacks off the sites that sell the scripts. Its all like a turnkey solution.

clear braces said...

Noted that you mentioned hackers love to mess with arcade sites - would the maintenance be worth the returns? I guess my question would be if you make a lot from these. :)


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Anonymous said...

"you can buy gamepacks off the sites that sell the scripts. Its all like a turnkey solution."....could you send me the list of companies which sell this turnkey solution...

casino bonus said...

Remember that ads shouldn't be placed anywhere near images or games. Even a line between them is not enough.

hitecballr said...

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Warcraft said...

This really is a very useful article with great information to start your own Arcade site successfully.

Zworld said...

This is great piece of article you have. thanks for this information i have applied in my arcade and having fun.

Anonymous said...

Good info. We use some of that in our site