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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Make Money Fast With TNX Text Links

One of the companies in the text link arena is called TNX and the way they operate is certainly a little different to some of the more traditional Text Link Advert type providers. Given their rapid success in a short amount of time it is obvious that they have a program that is worth further investigation.

Not only can you sell text link ads on your site and make money, but by just joining up you can get free points which you can then use to spend on advertising for your own site.

Looking at the Alexa traffic graph for TNX over the last few months it is clear that they are enjoying tremendous popularity and fast becoming a favorite of both web publishers and advertisers.

How does it work?
TNX works on a points system, when you buy links you spend points and when you sell links you earn points. It really is as simple as that and although the rate changes currently you can buy 1000 points for between .68 - 1.4 depending on the quantity purchased.

Affiliate Program

One of the best things about the TNX affiliate program is that it is simple and none of the usual constraints that can sometimes make a referral program not only confusing....but painful. From the site...

The rules are absolutely simple - no bans, no possible overcharges, no restrictions.

By referring partners to the program you can earn ongoing commissions (13.3%) for the future income of that publisher. Worth looking into.

I will certainly be trying this program on a few of my sites and will report back with updates in the future.