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Friday, May 30, 2008

Passive Income Starting to Kick In

Its taken a long time, well into the second year now but everyday I do make a bit of money whether I do anything or not.

I try not to spend to much time on things that are not going to help long term anymore and to be honest do not spend even a quarter as much time online as what I used to. Earnings have certainly suffered however every month I am still earning several hundred dollars via a mixture of online activities.

This site for some reason got a fair amount of PR back from the google gods, and that has certainly helped things income wise. However who knows when they will suddenly decide to take it away again. I used to really panic about PR but now just go with the flow, I have sites with no PR that I still sell links on and they do ok.

If you have a number of sites and can make a bit of passive out of each of them, surely you are on a winner.

Good luck in your online endeavours - I have a couple of new projects on the go and will be talking more about them soon.

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