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Friday, July 18, 2008

How to Make Your AdWords Advert a Successful One

I have been experimenting a little bit with a couple of small Adwords campaigns, directed to landing pages in an attempt to generate a little extra money. The first problem that I encountered was although I am getting impressions, people are simply not clicking on the adverts, so its now mission time, to try to generate an advert that not only converts impressions into clicks, but converts the right kind of customers that will actually buy as well!

Nothing is ever easy in this world is it.

I am trying to sell Matrix DVD's to a target market of UK. I am pointing the advert to this landing page, which I whipped up from a template I found online, and filled with my amazon affiliate adverts for the Matrix DVD, the plan being to pay for cheap clicks from people actually wanting to buy the Matrix DVD, convert them and make a few dollars.

My Advert currently is along the lines of this...

Considering The Matrix?
Matrix Books and DVD's
Great Prices and Lots of Products

Its fair to say the advert is pretty crap. So I am going for a rewrite... and came up with this. Previously was getting 0% conversion so will post again in a few days and update if there is any change..

I found out from this article that you can actually add a keyword dynamically into the title so are going to give this a shot. Will let you know..

{KeyWord:Buy The Matrix DVD}
Matrix Books and DVD's
Great Prices and Lots of Products

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Dean Saliba said...

I only made one venture into adwords and I got severely burned. Maybe taking advice from blogs like this one will help in the future.

Dean Saliba said...

Just an update. :)

It seems to be working.

Thank you very much for the tips. I am not losing a fortune this time :)

TechExplorer said...

I tried Adwords and read up quite a bit on how to add keywords in ads etc .. and spent about $2000 on my various campaigns only to lose money. Now my route is not Adwords but SERP (search engine rankings). Be careful out there as there are many big time players (you wont be able to win over them) and some who would just fraud and generate many clicks and your conversions would be none. Dont lose what you already earned. Always welcome if I can help.

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Dean Saliba said...

I only seemed to be able to do well when promoting my wrestling site.

Anonymous said...

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Singapore IT Jobs said...

My adwords is not working well, any other tips for a job site

Internet Business Tools said...

Just wanted to say thanks, I have been using adwords for a while unsuccessfully. hopefully this will work out for me.

adrin said...

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