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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Million Dollar Experiment Summary To Date

The Background

Back in October 2006 I started upon a journey that I hoped would make me One Million Dollars in cold hard cash. It is now 21 Months later and I have NOT made One million dollars yet, however I have made more than ten thousand dollars online and set myself up with a small monthly income whether I work at it or not.

All was well on target until January/February this year when my life literally fell to pieces and I ended up leaving my marriage, going through a very tough time both emotionally and financially and working on my experiment was to be quite honest the last thing on my mind.

Six months later the world is a different place for me, it has not been an easy time, by any stretch of the imagination, but as the saying goes

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
and I believe I will come out of this whole experience wiser, smarter and happier in the long run, however it's going to take time and I would not wish the last six months on anyone.

Results for January - June 2008 ($NZ)

Jan 200.06
Feb 264.95
Mar 493.58
Apr 487.44
May 764.94
Jun 481.06

That folks is $2692.03 NZ dollars which added to the running total of 8493.68 comes to


Where to from here?

Well one of many things I have learned is that money can be earned online, there have been some high points and low points along the journey and in some ways this is just beginning.

My goals over the next few months are to get right back on track, I have graphs to update and figures to plan so make sure you check back soon for more updates from the Million Dollar Experiment down under...

Happy blogging - and remember if I can make more than ten thousand dollars online so can you, read through my site and follow the journey from the beginning.

Rob StGeorge


bloggernoob said...

wow sorry to hear about your trouble a few months back. but good to hear that you've recovered from that low point.

2ThePoint said...


I haven't passed thru your site for a while. I'm really sorry to hear about your marriage. Really.

Will check back on your blog from time to time to see how you're doing.

take care...

Daily Mezze said...

Thank you so much for this post. This gives me hope that it is possible to earn money online. I am in the $150-$250 mark. I'm working harder now so I could double or triple that amount. Sorry for the hard months. I'm happy you were able to be back on track. More power!

By the way, I'm adding your blog to my favorites! :-)

mystery girl77 said...

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