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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 15 - Do you confuse your friends when you tell them you are a Blogger?

Around at some friends place last night for dinner and watched the Kiwis defeat Great Britain in a Rugby League Match. No bets on this game, for although Kiwis were being well backed to win the game the fact was it would break one of my own rules... betting on a team I support. (It is wise to remove any emotion from sportsbetting).

The Kiwis were paying 1.27 and GB over 4 dollars, this was not a true reflection of the opposition, and GB are a good side, so GB would have actually been a good bet paying that kind of money.

Anyway back to the main subject of this post, while trying to explain to my mate about blogging, google ads and the million dollar experiment, I am sure he thought that I had finally lost the plot! It was clear that he really had no understanding of what I was talking about.

Next time the best course of action may be not to mention it.

Imagine if this was your fulltime job it would be quite strange trying to explain it to people all the time, would probably be easier just saying "I make my living off the internet". Then knowing nods would be exchanged and it would not be mentioned again.

Technorati ranking continues to climb and we are now sitting at 310,244. Remember if you would like to boost your ranking, link to my blog, leave a comment saying you have done so and I will then link to yours. I would like to break into the top 100000 as soon as possible. (And if we can help each other out on the way to this, thats great)

Ciao have not yet sent me any surveys, apparently on the UK site you can also write reviews on products and get paid for that. This does not appear to be an option on the international site that I can see. If anyone knows different please let me know.

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