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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Exponential growth with your Website Profits

I was reading about growing blogsites on the problogger site, and have done the following sums based on what is certainly possible...

Lets look at a website, which is earning a small amount of money currently (approximately $30 US Dollars per month.) This is not going to get anyone rich in a hurry, but if you look at a 20 percent increase every month over a period of a couple of years the results will surprise you.

NOTE: These are calculated earnings Per Month, with a 20 percent increase each month.

Month 1 $33-00
Month 6 $82.11
Month 12 $245.19
Month 18 $732.14
Month 24 $2186.16

Looking at a 20 percent growth each month is an achievable goal, so setting your mind to this will end up making you a very reasonable income (should you be able to maintain the increase constantly).

To dig into this a little deeper, if Month 1 amount was $33 the budget for Month 2 is $39.60. Surely a little extra effort on your part can help to produce this small extra amount? And if you make more than that you will get there even faster.

You should be able to mark the date on your calendar when you can quit your day job... if you follow this method of exponential growth. I myself will be quitting on or before the 1st December 2008 !!!

And believe me I cannot wait for that wonderful day.

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Mike said...

Now that sounds feasible! Good luck, Mike.