Day 5 and plenty of money but none to count! ~ Make Money Fast - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day 5 and plenty of money but none to count!

Its been a great week, I had a share dividend paid out early this week, and received a pay rise today. Unfortunately they were both going to happen regardless of this experiment so I am unable to count them towards the total.

My trademe advert is extremely unpopular! I thought a 1996 communication book would be an instant hit and a quick start to my journey however my mistake. Take a look at the state of it as of today...
If you can see the picture above, only 4 views on this book to date!

Never mind, it only takes one person, and that is what I will be aiming for. Heading down to Mount Maunganui for the weekend, hopefully if I intend enough a few bucks may find there way to me down there. Regular updates will be made from the destination. Stay tuned!