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Sunday, October 22, 2006

To make it Blogging, you need a Dream

When you are trying to make money online you need to have a dream. When things get tough you need to focus on that dream and just plough on. It really is as simple as that. Most sites don't make it online, because they give up. If you want to make it you must not give up, you need to post articles when you feel like watching TV, you need to be promoting your site and swapping links when your mates are out having a good time.

You can still have a life, however remember anything worth having involves sacrifices and for me the dream is to be a full time blogger. Imagine not having to go to work everyday and instead sharing your ideas and plans with millions of like minded people around the world? We really are at the dawn of a new age, if you said to someone ten years ago that you made a living by blogging they would probably lock you up!

Now it can be a reality, however it still involves a lot of hard work, the problem with blogging is that at the beginning the hard work is in no way rewarded financially, however down the line this changes. It is like investing in ones future, however there are no promises of success just glimmers of hope at times.

For some the knowledge that every week spent working on their blog brings them a week closer to their hopes and dreams is enough reward.

To achieve a dream, one has little time for sleep

That folks is an original quote as far as I know, and sums up my new life, because when you try to juggle a full time job, a young family and blogging something has to give. For this blogger it is sleep!

Try to get exercise when you can, it seems that regular exercise helps you cope with less sleep. And less sleep is a side affect of blogging.